Stories About LIFE Participants

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Seniors at LIFE Pittsburgh

Alan, 68

Alan, 66
LIFE Pittsburgh Participant since 2006

Caregivers for Seniors

Alan’s Story

Alan joined LIFE Pittsburgh in June of 2006. He is a kind, and generous soul who is always interested and willing to help others in any way that he can. Alan has opened his home and become a caregiver to friends and family on a variety of different occasions in the past when they have needed help.

Alan and his family (3 brothers and 1 sister) grew up in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and attended South Hills Catholic (now known as Seton-La Salle). Alan has 1 surviving brother, William, who resides in Mars. At 13 years of age, Alan announced he wanted to join the Franciscan Priesthood but said his father “refused to sign the paperwork”.

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Ruby, 66

Rudy, 66
LIFE Pittsburgh Participant since 2008

Personal Care Assistance

Rudy’s Story

Rudy was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. For the majority of his adult life, he has called Pittsburgh’s Hill District home. Rudy is very social; he is the kind of guy everyone knows. When he is at home at The Legacy apartments sitting on the patio, there is often a shout of “Hey Rudy!” from people walking past. Rudy enjoys participating in the social activities at his apartment building and being part of the community; however, he is unable to take care of all of his needs on his own.

Family is unable to assist Rudy with the care he needs on a daily basis. His two children live out of the area.

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