How to Enroll

Supporting Seniors Eligible for Nursing Home Care in Pittsburgh

Seniors Eligible for Nursing Home Care

Enrolling into LIFE Pittsburgh

Enrolling in LIFE Pittsburgh includes four steps: Intake, Assessment, Determination of Medical and Financial Eligibility and Enrollment.

Your benefit coverage begins after final approval, on your enrollment date.


Intake begins when you or someone on your behalf makes a call to LIFE Pittsburgh at 412-388-8050 TTY: 711. If it appears from this first conversation that you are potentially eligible, an enrollment representative will visit you to explain our program and obtain further information about you. During this visit:

  • You will learn how the LIFE Pittsburgh program works, the kinds of services LIFE Pittsburgh offers, and answers to any questions you may have about LIFE Pittsburgh.
  • We will explain that if you enroll, you must agree that all of your healthcare services will be provided and/or coordinated by LIFE Pittsburgh, including primary care and specialist physician services (other than emergency or urgently needed services). These services will be approved by members of your care team. LIFE Pittsburgh Participants may be fully and personally liable for the costs of unauthorized services (other than emergency services).
  • We will have you sign an Applicant Consent and Authorization of Information form, allowing us to obtain your past medical records so our team can fully assess your health conditions.

You will be encouraged to visit the LIFE Pittsburgh Day Health Center to see what it is like. If you are interested in enrolling, our Enrollment Specialist will assist you with the enrollment process.


Prior to enrollment, the LIFE Pittsburgh team will meet with you to evaluate your needs and goals, and to make sure that your needs can be appropriately met by the program. If so, the team will develop an individual plan for services designed specifically for you. LIFE Pittsburgh cannot, however, guarantee an offer of enrollment before a formal eligibility determination has been made.

Determination of Medical and Financial Eligibility

Because LIFE Pittsburgh is committed to serving only frail older adults who need long term care and are eligible for nursing home care, an outside opinion must confirm that your situation qualifies you for our services. The Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging will determine your medical eligibility for the program after making an assessment of your needs. The Allegheny County Assistance Office will determine your financial eligibility for the program, if applicable.


After we have received approval that you are financially eligible (or willing to privately pay for the program) and medically eligible, we will ask to meet with you and any family members or caregivers that you wish to include. At this meeting an enrollment representative will review our Enrollment Agreement with you. As well, your team members will review your individualized plan of care. If you decide to join LIFE Pittsburgh, we will ask you to sign the Enrollment Agreement at this time.