Rudy, 66

LIFE Pittsburgh Participant since 2008

Rudy’s Story Rudy was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. For the majority of his adult life, he has called Pittsburgh’s Hill District home. Rudy is very social; he is the kind of guy everyone knows. When he is at home at The Legacy apartments sitting on the patio, there is often a shout of “Hey Rudy!” from people walking past. Rudy enjoys participating in the social activities at his apartment building and being part of the community; however, he is unable to take care of all of his needs on his own.

Family is unable to assist Rudy with the care he needs on a daily basis. His two children live out of the area. Rudy has a brother and sister in town, but they are experiencing health care problems of their own. It is Rudy’s desire to remain independent and live on his own, thus he relies on his LIFE Pittsburgh extended family to help him.

Rudy attends the Allegheny Center’s Blue Center Monday through Friday. Personal Care Assistants visit him in the morning and several times in the evening to assist him with personal care, meal preparation, laundry and light housekeeping.

Rudy’s grocery shopping is completed twice a month by a Personal Care Assistant from LIFE Pittsburgh. A Representative Payee manages his finances.

Personal Care Assistance

A Day in the LIFE with Rudy

9:00 am

A Personal Care Assistant arrives at Rudy’s apartment to provide personal care, prepare breakfast and prompt medication. The PCA will assist Rudy to the lobby and wait with him for the LIFE Pittsburgh van.

11:00 am

Rudy enjoys a hot lunch prepared by the LIFE Pittsburgh chef.

12:00 to 4:00 pm

On most afternoons Rudy is seen by his nurse and the doctor when needed due to his multiple chronic medical conditions. He works with his physical therapist several afternoons a week completing an individualized exercise program.
Rudy enjoys visiting with LIFE Pittsburgh staff and other Participants and spends the remainder of his afternoon socializing.

4:30 pm

A Personal Care Assistant (PCA) meets Rudy back at The Legacy apartment building to provide assistance getting off of the van. Rudy will spend some time in the apartment lobby talking with other residents before making his way up to his apartment. The PCA stops by Rudy’s apartment several times during the evening to prepare his dinner and do some light housekeeping. Two nights a week Rudy will get assistance with a shower. Twice a month a professional cleaning service comes to clean the apartment and do Rudy’s laundry.

8:00 pm

The PCA visits Rudy for the last time to make sure that Rudy is ready for bed. He will put himself to bed later in the evening. Meet Other Participants »