Frequently Asked Questions

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Day Health Centers for Seniors in Pittsburgh

What are some of the main advantages of enrolling in LIFE Pittsburgh?

  • Our dedicated, qualified geriatric health professionals who know you personally.
  • Complete long-term care coverage.
  • Coordinated 24 hour advice and care.
  • Support for family caregivers.
  • Care designed specifically for your individual needs.
  • One provider to oversee your care whether at home, in a hospital or in a nursing facility.
  • No co-insurance, deductibles or payments due for services you receive for those who financially qualify.

Q: What makes LIFE Pittsburgh such a unique, comprehensive program for eligible seniors?

A: At LIFE Pittsburgh, a dedicated, qualified team of geriatric professionals integrates care daily to provide individualized solutions for each participant’s unique needs. With one team overseeing all care, including medical, therapies, meals and nutritional counseling, social services, homecare, adult day services, medications, activities and socialization, personal care, and more, you can be assured that ALL of your needs are met. Our program enables seniors to live independently at home while receiving the services they need at the center and at home. Additionally, once services are determined to be a need, they are provided at no cost for eligible seniors.

Q. How much does the program cost?

A: The LIFE program is a comprehensive program that specifically addresses the care needs, including prescription drugs, with no monthly premiums, deductibles, or co-pays for eligible seniors. Please speak with an Assessment & Enrollment Specialist to determine if you are eligible to receive services at no cost to you.

Q: How does LIFE Pittsburgh keep me healthier and safer at home as I age?

A: Each participant has a team of geriatric professionals caring for them. The team includes a physician, registered nurses, social workers, licensed physical and occupational therapists, personal care aides, registered dietitians, center manager and others. The team meets on a daily basis to discuss participant care needs and continually evaluate the plan of care which changes as new needs arise. The intimate relationship that you will have with your care team provides the best chance for an individualized plan of care to meet your needs.

Q: Do I have to change doctors?

A: As a participant in the LIFE Pittsburgh program, your Primary Care physician will be a LIFE Pittsburgh doctor. With LIFE Pittsburgh, you get all of the standard services provided by a family doctor, plus social services, transportation, meals and more. The benefit of the LIFE program is the intimate nature of the relationship between our physicians, the care team, the caregivers and you.

Q: What if I need to go to the hospital?

A: LIFE Pittsburgh participants are covered for all emergency and medical care, including hospital visits. LIFE Pittsburgh’s network of providers includes UPMC Mercy, Heritage Valley Kennedy, Allegheny General Hospital, and West Penn Hospital. Regardless of the location, LIFE Pittsburgh staff will be intimately involved with any care to meet your needs and wishes to remain independent in the community.

Q: What if I need to see a medical specialist?

A: LIFE Pittsburgh has a full network of specialists and other healthcare providers, including audiology, dental, vision and podiatry specialists to address specific needs. Our physicians and team work closely with these providers to ensure that care is provided in the most effective way so an individual may remain healthy and independent.

Q: What if I become sick or injured after center hours?

A: LIFE Pittsburgh staff is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. LIFE Pittsburgh’s medical team will advise what to do and make necessary arrangements to provide necessary care. If a medical emergency arises, we will be there to assist and support as we never relinquish the care of our participants.

Q: What if I need to go to a nursing home?

A: Our goal and commitment is to provide services to enable individuals to remain living in the community in their own homes. We are committed to developing alternative care plans to support a greater need in the home before a facility is considered. However, if an individual becomes too ill or disabled to safely remain living in their home, and the participant and family agree, LIFE Pittsburgh has nursing facilities in our network that can effectively meet care needs. Since LIFE Pittsburgh never relinquishes the care of the participant, we will remain highly involved with care. The LIFE Pittsburgh team will continue to closely monitor the care given to a participant, and make changes when necessary.

Q: How often do participants visit the Day Health Center?

A: The frequency of visits to the center will be determined based on an individual’s need and preference. Some participants come every week day, some come once a month. Our services are specific to the unique needs of the individual.

Q: LIFE Pittsburgh sounds perfect for me. Am I eligible?

A: Individuals are eligible if they are at least 55 years old, reside in Allegheny County in specific zip codes, and meet certain financial and medical requirements. Please call us at 412-388-8050 to talk with an enrollment specialist to determine if you are eligible for enrollment in LIFE Pittsburgh. If you do not reside in our specific zip codes, we can assist you with referral to another LIFE Program.

Q: I receive Meals on Wheels and cleaning service, will I lose these services?

A: LIFE Pittsburgh will address any and all needs that will result in participants remaining independent in their homes. This may include meals, nutrition, and cleaning.