Red Saturday: Great Britain’s Valentine’s Shopping Habits Revealed

Tomorrow is ‘Red Saturday’ when planning for Valentine’s Day peaks and spending starts. Prepare yourself with this run-down regarding the statistics you need to know in front of the big day

Our very own latest study has actually announced more than a million eager Valentines are set to spend approximately £29 million this Saturday by yourself, with singles and lovers as well organising dates, booking restaurants and purchasing gift ideas for lovers.

Between Red Saturday from the fourth February and valentine’s, Brits can be splashing the cash on:

  • Dinners, with £163 million allocated to food and another £60 million on products
  • £69 million on blooms
  • £77 million on jewellery
  • £42 million on chocolates
  • £52 million on cards

However, as a whole paying for Valentine’s Day this present year is placed is £713 million, a decrease of 34percent from 2016. Altogether an average UK citizen will invest £22.57, with folks in London, Scotland together with north-west spending one particular, while those in Wales will spend minimum.

This decrease in spending is actually despite the fact that more and more people intend to celebrate Valentine’s this season. The actual fact that, if you’re perhaps not honoring then you’re definitely not by yourself. One out of seven singles are intending to spend about £13 on renewable activities, such as TV binges, added gym classes, and unhealthy food.

Although not many people are keen on the yearly Valentine’s spending spree. 28% of Brits agree that valentine’s is actually a complete waste of cash and 9% of these in an union admit they’d ignore it entirely if their unique partner would say yes to.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though – 18% of these in a connection nonetheless love the romance of romantic days celebration, although it does just take its cost on your own lender stability!

Battle associated with Sexes

eHarmony has actually teamed up with on the web present website Prezzybox to enjoy somewhat further into how male and female investing practices differ, what age bracket splashes more cash, and exactly who buys what: 

Discover our very own infographic below to find out all:



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