LIFE Pittsburgh | Total Healthcare Services for Seniors

To the many people who depend on LIFE Pittsburgh
for essential services to keep you safe at home:
Even though we can’t be with you in our centers
we’re doing everything we can to keep you healthy;
Calling to check in on you;
Sending healthcare providers to your homes;
Delivering meals and supplies;
Ensuring you have everything you need.
We are here for you.
Stay well.
Stay safe.

Seniors with multiple chronic health conditions need more than a great insurance plan – they need a central source of support to integrate all their medical care, home care, and social needs. Seniors need LIFE Pittsburgh. LIFE is now an approved option under Community HealthChoices.

LIFE Pittsburgh is an all-inclusive program for people whose health issues interfere with their daily lives but, with our help, are capable of living safely and independently in the community. Our coordinated plan of care includes medical, social, and daily living support.

Do you or someone you know:

Struggle with mobility or worry about falling?You will receive ongoing therapy and necessary equipment at your own pace.
Have difficulty paying for or managing your medications?LIFE provides prescription medications without any deductible or co-pays.
Need to see a podiatrist, dentist or eye doctor?You will receive Audiology, Dental, Vision, and Podiatry services for free.
Sometimes feel lonely?Our Day Health Centers offer spiritual services, exercise … something for everyone.
Have issues getting to your doctor or remembering
to go?
LIFE has a physician on site, and on-call 24/7, and transports you to specialist appointments.
Find it difficult to cook, clean, or do laundry?As needed, we can help with light housecleaning, laundry and healthy meal preparation.
Feel overwhelmed managing your healthcare?Your team – doctor, nurse, social worker, dietician, therapists, etc. provide the support you need.
Struggle with bathing, grooming and/or dressing?We can provide in-home services to assist with dressing, bathing, grooming and medication reminders.

If any of these questions are true, LIFE Pittsburgh may be just what you need.
Download Responses to All Questions (PDF)

Mission of LIFE Pittsburgh

To assist older adults in maintaining quality, dignity and autonomy in their lives. We support and nurture individuals and their families through a faith-based approach to medical and social services that respects and honors the older adult.